Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I am ashamed of my homeland,

that is Finland.

usually I love my home. But this week is too much.
The shooting in Kauhajoki. The study about Insatzkommando Finnland that is being official on Friday.

First of all.

the first issue can be dealt with. its sad and can't be changed but we can blaim the law.
second issue is trickier. It's history. this is already a national scar and now it might start bleeding again. at least when it comes to me. But as said before it can't really be redone. and we can't blaim anyone anymore. it's too late and I guess we have all learnt a lesson.

but considering the shootings - I am chocked. I am in deep turmoil.

See, i didn't even know about the regulations on guns. I thoght there were no guns, perhaps some old rifles from the 40ies. But handguns. Horrible things that whitetrash people kill eachother with in the US. Not in my beautiful, civilized, educated homeland.

I don't even know anyone who'd own a gun. All I know is a friend called Gun. But that has nothing to do with firearms. So who the owns all of them killing machines?

And please officials, ministers, legislators - do change the law TODAY! It seems as many of my educated fellow countrymen are not suitable to carry weapons. And the beautiful elks would get to live aswell.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

bränd plast luktar

jag har idag börjat en ny spännande dag på ett spännande sätt. jag har fått TÄNKA, PRATA MED GRANNAR, RINGA SAMTAL och till slut OROA mig.
allt detta för att det låg en sax på spisen och att jag vred på fel spisknapp.
ett orange Fiskars plast handtag luktar piss när det smälter.

vad kan man mer göra en sådan här dag?
som kanske är ens sista efter att ha andats in plastos.