Thursday, 23 April 2009

egentligen spelar det ingen roll var man är.

egentligen spelar det ingen roll var man är.

efter samtalet med Juliana om Europa versus USA och speciellt europeers nedlåtande syn på USA blev jag berörd. touched.

någon knut öppnades. i varje fall lite.

there was something unlocking in my head. an old stubborn way of thinking had to give away - and that's great. Everybody should celebrate that.

See, I think I've been secretly thinking stupid things about the European greatness.

But that's not right. not at all. that way of rationalizing is shit. complete shite.

Well, yeah there are great things, people, traditions, foods here but so is there all over.

Borders suck. At least mental ones.

Nina in Paris

funny, it's like a from time to time don't feel I'm in Paris. Or to be more correct I don't feel away from home. And when I hear the tourist boat pass I look at with amazment: thinking, wow where am I? Am I Paris???? what, you must be joking.

It's a similar feeling I had in New Foundland. While being there I'd constantly believe I'm somewhere in Ireland , Scotland or northern England. And when I'd see the logo "american standard" on the bathroom sink I'd be a bit perplexed - thinking - hm, weird, why would they have that here?
And after a second remember - oh, yes, this is Northern America...

Today I alomost told Pauline that I thoght this city is very French - uh, well of course- it's f.king Paris!

What is going on in my mind?

Somehow this makes me feel even more sane, I'd dare to say, even healthy.
All places are home to me.