Thursday, 4 February 2016

It was again one of those days when she had decided to get up early to work like a normal person.
She would first read news and emails  while drinking a coffee and then she would write great proposals that would be taken seriously by the members of the juries.

That was the plan.

It did not really go the way she had wished for.

She ended up spending to long on Facebook, reading to many news that made her depressed and drink way to many coffees and smoke to many cigarettes.
After 2 hours she felt sweaty and sore in the throat. She was getting sick.

She still continued trying to work.

She made a to do list. Threw some outdated undone opportunity documents away.
Stared out in the room and wrote a text about all the things that were waiting for her in the studio.
Perhaps that could become a manuscript she thought tiredly.

What was the point anyway?

Everything had already been done and anyway Banksy was the only one who always continued to surprise the people.
She would never become like Banksy,

She was mediocre.
Laying on the sofa, she stared at the tissue with Obamas face on it.
Her had mother bought it for her in Kenya the same year Obama was elected president.
She always wanted to do something cool with that tissue.

She thought about the Putin article that she had saved.

Putin and Obama. Two guys who made her life miserable.

Well, it was not only the two of them, there was of course a bunch of other greedy corrupted people that added to the misery.

How could she change that? And would it matter?

Nobody seemed to really think the system was great - people were to tired and just busy getting on with their lives.
There was no real moment of revolutionary thinking.
Well, at least in the crowds surrounding her.

She didn't know people who knew Snowden or Assange or Manning. Or Naomi Klein.

Those  that she considered heros. Possibly the biggest of all times.

Exposing huge secret things like that. Wow. She never exposed anything. Not even her boobs.

What could she do there in her silent corner?

How would one start a silent revolution?