Friday, 4 January 2013

it was a while ago but here we go!!!!

...of course I want to make some money on my work, my art - but mainly I want to show it.

To everyone who wants to see it.

I am not an audience snob.

On the contrary.

But sometimes I need to think before I say "yes". As when I was asked if I wanted to have some of my works on a feminist art video web site. I was not 100% sure first. I guess I felt a sting of fear or nervousness about being put in a corner and therefor not accepted anymore in the hip cool contemporary art scene … The scene that in my dark fearful mind was portrayed like a curator; hip, black slick clothes, sneering from a high pedestal down at the murky desperate feminist hippies …

Then I had to tell my self to calm down.

Take a deep breathe and ask your self. Who are you? And do you care how others see you?
And who are the others exactly?

The slick priestess of curating?
The hipster art audience?
Or mom and dad?
 Friends from high school?
Your boyfriend and the french intellectuals who talk and talk?
The woman at the Delhaize cashpoint?
The guys at the wood shop?


- all of them, you answered, without a doubt.

Of course. All of them.

 And voilá,  feel relieved.

You can show your work where ever you want.

Perhaps even at the cashpoint at Delhaize.
And in a gallery.

Nobody owns your words and images. Not even you.
Because that is why you started creating words and images in the first place.

To share them. Not possesing.

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